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DAMBA INTRA 'Daur Limbah Industri dan Rumah Tangga'
Partnership in Industrial and Communal Waste Recycling


In the last decade, Indonesia went through a rapid urbanization and industrialization process during which, little attention was paid to infrastructure planning, environmental conservation and public health protection policies. Thus, rapid development has brought along the pollution and environmental degradation.

The adaptation of new policy and better information has increasingly changed the people demand of better environment. Initiatives for pollution abatement and control have been started. Individual and communal waste treatment systems have been constructed nationwide to emphasize recycling as one of the desirable options and long-term goals.

Damba Intra opened the first integrated hazardous waste water treatment achievement at West Java in 2002 to serve cluster of textile and food industries at Cisirung at Kabupaten Bandung.

The target is to create awareness and encourage treatment of the industrial waste water and to avoid irresponsible pollution to the river. West Java is home of the strongholds industrial growth from textile industry, petrochemical, automotive, high technology, agro industry, small medium enterprise such as leather, traditional fabric and services sector to new urban development

At Damba Intra we offer solutions-driven waste management encompassing public private partnership with industrial clusters and human settlements, to achieve appropriate solutions through environmentally sound and sustainable technology.


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